Featured Artists

Matt Sorenson of Electric Goods Company

Born out of a love for vintage Edison light bulbs, and the raw textures and​ clean lines of industrial and modern design, Electric Goods Company began in 2012. Our lamps are handmade in Portland, Oregon, & because our lights are built one at a time, each piece is truly unique. They are lit with vintage reproduction Edison light bulbs and decorative filament flame candelabras, & are wired with antique style cloth covered cords or in-line dimmers. Some include USB charging outlets to power your devices at your bedside or desk, and most are fitted with industrial toggle, rotary, or push button switches.

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Lisa Anderson of Recreations by Lisa

Up-cycled, Recycled, and Re-Created Treasures, brought to you by Lisa. She is a handy gal who enjoys sorting through broken jewelry piles and piecing parts together. She has a backyard shed filled with bits, baubles, drills, pliers, chains, fabric, and there's a stroller for her cat in there, too. Button rings, vintage findings, and quirky couplings are just a few of her favorite things.

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Kassaundra Lynn | Holistic Herbalist, Owner of Rooted Remedies

Rooted Remedies is a wildcrafted apothecary based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to help you reclaim a sense of empowerment in your health and wellbeing. All of our products are forest to bottle, bringing ethically harvested plant medicine to you from the local wilderness. We offer an array of herbal supplements including tinctures, teas, and aroma rollers that support your mind-body-spirit throughout the year.