Organic Citrus/Sage Room Cleansing Spray
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Organic Citrus/Sage Room Cleansing Spray

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Give the power of essential oils to your home with this purifying room spray created with clean, organic and effective ingredients. 
This Citrus Sage mist will enhance, cleanse, and balance your air, leaving a refreshing and soothing vibe to your home. 
This organic freshener spray can be used to smudge the day away—-in the air, on pillows, fabric masks and linens or just about any fabric. 
Smudge The Day Away (Lemon peel, lemongrass, and white sage, white quartz infusion) 8oz 
-Organic Essential Oils
-Organic Witch Hazel 
-Distilled Water
-White Quartz Infusion
-Shake bottle before each use.
-Hold bottle straight to mist. 
-8-10 sprays leave a lovely scent for air or fabric. For stronger or larger areas dispense more. 
Please do not mist directly onto your face or body and product is meant for external use only.